Flaggle: Its Wordle But With Flags!

by Muhammad Waleed
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Do you want to make your leisure time more productive? Flaggle is one of the best options for you. Dc Vu first produced this flag game in 2022 and named it Flaggle, which rhymed with Wordle.  It is a flag-guessing game based on your geographical understanding. Within as few attempts as possible, you have to guess the given country’s flag. In this article, we will discuss what is Flaggle and what are its directions to play.

What Does Flaggle Represent?

Worldle prepared an online free gaming platform named Flaggle in 2022. In a very short span, it hit the internet vigorously. On a daily basis, millions of people are playing this game online as it is fascinating and attention-grabbing. You can conduct this game successfully based on your geographical understanding. This game is easy for the game enthusiast and its concepts are quite simple. On the other hand, if you are lessening down the options among the spin-off games of Wordle, Flaggle must be at the top of your list. This game is so addictive that now people are keenly posting their results and statistics on social media.

The purpose of the Flaggle game is to recognize the prearranged flag of any country or state accurately. This has to be done within 6 attempts and you need not worry if your knowledge about flags is a bit weak, as this much effort is quite enough. However, after each guess, one section of the veiled flag will be unveiled. Furthermore, following every attempt, you will get a clue about the geographical direction and location (in kilometers) of the country on board. 

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It also allows you to share your scores on social media sites but it does not allow you to reveal the word of the day; “The country name”. This thing is necessary to be done to maintain competition among the players. Every country has its own set of hints. Every new day comes with a new Country Flag. However, if your geographical knowledge is pathetic then definitely you will undergo a real-time struggle playing this game. 

What is the Worldle Flagle Game?

Earlier, Flaggle’s old version was released named Flagle in which users ought to enjoy countless attempts to solve the puzzles. In the older Flagle Wordle game, following every guess, you ought to see a similarity flag that will portray which fraction of your guess shares the same color as the target flag. The same fraction used to appear green. Flaggle is an improved version of Flagle.

Let’s see an example to understand;

In this illustration, the guessed flag is Vietnam’s. The similarity Flag in the middle shows that the answer is red on the top half, and also has a yellow star in the center. The right answer is Burkina Faso.


The green fraction provides that accurate color is in place.

How to Play Flaggle?

Are you ready to play this exciting game in a few 6 attempts? It’s truly a test for your brain. The big hit of this game is that you don’t need any installation and registration before playing. It is a free online game and you can play it anywhere, anytime. One can play and gain knowledge simultaneously. It will become more obvious by taking an example along with discussing the course of action.

  • Make your initial guess:
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Primarily, make a random guess by clicking on any country‘s name given in the list. A bar is given under the veiled flag where you have to place your guess. Following the first guess, if not succeed, a hint will be provided regarding the direction and location (in kilometers), and how distant is the guessed country from the target country.

  • Make the following attempts:

In the second step, make subsequent guesses. After every failed attempt you will be shown geographical hints as described above. Hints will be given up to 6 attempts. An arrow on the hint will show, in which direction to find the accurate country, making your task easier.

  • Figure out the country’s name:

However, after getting 6 chances, you will be able to figure out the correct name of the country on board. What’s more, following every failed attempt, a revelation of the portion of the hidden flag will help you a lot to approach the correct answer. Additionally, these hints are sufficient if you have strong puzzle-solving skills.


Wrapping up all the discussion, I will suggest you make your spare time useful by playing the Flaggle game. Though, it helps you to boost your geographical awareness and familiarity with different states. In addition, learning becomes easier and anchoring when the source is an interesting game. However, if you have little information about geography, this game is not for you.

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