How To Achieve Nun Rank in BitLife

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Greetings, my gaming enthusiasts. Here’s my latest blog post for you. I know you are trying to accomplish the Hard-Knock Nun Challenge. Here’s how you can become a nun in BitLife.

And guess what? I successfully became a nun while living the life of a criminal.  I know you are anxious to know about my tricks.

As you know, there is no end to the fun in BitLife. This game allows you to become a serial killer or be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

I will share ways to accomplish this challenging level in this blog post.

What Is BitLife Game About?

BitLife is a life simulation game in which players assume control over a stranger’s life from beginning to end.

How would it sound if you heard a Nun committing crimes? Surprising right?  This is what you experience in this game.

The game lets you choose from a series of options, such as buying a car or getting a job, and see how old you can live.

BitLife is a game where users can experience the life of a criminal or a rich person. Some users have become serial killers, which is a very challenging feat. 

You can become a criminal, kill other users, or become rich and amass a large fortune. Both are exciting, but the former is much more challenging.

5 Different Challenges

Every game has different stages that make you a winner. Similarly, in the Hard-Knock Nun challenge, you have 5 different stages of becoming a successful Nun.

  1. Become a nun
  2. Burglary of 3+ houses
  3. Steal 2+ cars
  4. Murder at least 1 person
  5. Meditate after each crime

How To Become a Nun: Hard-Knock Challenge

Ready? Let’s get started.

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Remember, becoming a nun in BitLife is full of challenges and responsibilities. First of all, your character should be a female one (not country-specific).

Attention to detail: Avoid breaking any nun rules because if you break them, you will have to face the consequences.

Let’s continue with our character; if you choose a male character, you will become a monk. There’s nothing changed except the title. 

When you are done with your character, what’s next?

To be eligible, you must have completed your high school education. Well, there is nothing in particular to stats, 18+ would be fine. Once you are done, check the bottom left of your screen you will find the occupation tab and select a Nun job.

Why bottom? As you won’t receive a high salary, it will appear at the bottom. Just in case, if you still can’t find the Nun job, you need to age up and check the listings once again.

Your Challenge Starts Now!

Can you see your Nun Job?

Going to accept the job? Be ready for a bunch of crimes ahead…?

Remember what I said earlier?

As a nun, you have the following restrictions, for instance, to fulfill the role’s requirements, your character cannot sleep with others.

To begin your life of crime, click the Activities menu and scroll down to Crime. Then scroll down and select Burglary. 

You’ll be asked to select a victim in a pop-up. As soon as you begin burglarizing a home, a minigame will begin. The police might see you if you are caught by either the dog or the owner. 

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Overstaying in the house may also result in the victim calling the police. You can move around the house and pick up items using direction buttons or swipes on the screen. 

In order to be successful at burglary, you only need to steal one item and escape without getting caught. Make sure you don’t run into the dog or owner by accident! 

Your mission is to grab at least one item and get out of the house without being caught. When you’re finished with the minigame, you can sell the items for cash.

Once you have completed the first task, repeat it three times.

Remember: Everytime you commit a crime, you should meditate afterward. Meditation can be accessed in the Mind and Body tab.

Steal The Car

Now after you have successfully completed your minigame BitLife. You will enter grand theft. As you select this category you have to steal 2 cars. ✌

After you steal a car someone might catch you or report you to the police. You can either flee or keep trying. When you run, you have no consequences, when you steal, a passerby might catch you.

Once you successfully steal the car it will appear in your inventory. 

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FINAL Challenge

A drive-by murder is completed by selecting murder in the Crime tab and selecting “Drive-by” as the method. Occasionally, the pop-up may not appear immediately. The victim does not matter. You must successfully complete the task by killing the victim. ???

As soon as your last challenge is complete, you will become a hard-knock Nun in BitLife. WOOHOO! Mission successful.?

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