The Popularity of Pac-Man 30th Anniversary

by Aqsa Ejaz

We still vividly remember when our dads bought us a brand-new computer on birthdays. We possibly couldn’t hide our excitement because our friends used to discuss the games they played on their computers whenever we had get-togethers. But some of us were the only ones who remained silent during their exciting conversations. Why? Because we did not have any computer to play the games on. Things took an exhilarating turn when those who didn’t get a computer got something. Among all those games we played, the most enthralling one was Pac-Man. Not only Pac-Man but Pacman’s 30th anniversary is also one of the most popular and addictive games, but also its symbol has become a cultural icon in the gaming world.

Basic Information regarding the game

In Japan, Pac-Man, formerly known as Puck-Man. It was developed and released by Toru Iwatani for Namco in 1980.

Pac-man is a maze-action video game, released for playing in arcades. While in North America, under Namco America, Pac-Man is released by Midway Manufacturing. It allows both single-player as well as multiplayer in alternating turns.

The game turned out to be a massive hit as it proved its success internationally on commercial bases. Based on that, many sequels of the game were released along with 2 television series, and its merchandise was also admired.

Pac-Man is now Bandai Namco Entertainment’s emblem and main icon. The franchise is regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time because it has made more than 14 billion dollars in revenue (in 2016) and sold 43 million units, impacting economically and culturally.


The game features a fictional character, Pac-Man, as the player, which has to eat all the dots present in the maze, and at the same time, has to avoid the 4 different colored ghosts.

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They are named:

  1. Blinky, the red one
  2. Pinky, the pink one
  3. Inky, Cyan colored
  4. Clyde, orange in color

If the Pac-Man is caught by any ghost, the player loses a life.

Only 3 lives are provided to the player. Energizers or Power Pellets are the large blinking dots. When Pac-man eats those, all the different colored ghosts turn blue, the player doesn’t have to avoid those ghosts for some time, and the best reward is the player can eat ghosts as well, giving you extra points.

However, those ghosts can revive themselves, and the thrill begins again. The goal is to eat all the dots without losing lives. It also provides different fruits at each level, which rewards the player with extra points upon being eaten.

The higher the level gets, the more difficult it becomes to win.

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Pac-man’s 30th Anniversary

First developed in 1980, often referred to as the “Golden Age” of video games because computers became more accessible to common people.

The game has drastically changed over the 30 years. Before, it started all small and not too complicated and required little hardware, but still, it was engaging and fun to play. As a result, it became one of the most popular arcade games in the world.

As time passed, the latest technologies kept developing, so Pac-Man was also on its way to becoming something bigger and better. Now, even people who do not enjoy playing games, recognize its symbol promptly. Thanks to the merchandise being popular in markets.

Pac-Man’s Evolution

People were commemorating Pac-Man’s 30th birthday to recall how it has evolved over the years.

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The company keeps adding new features and has designed many different games with unique obstacles and distinct levels. In 2006, a different edition of Pac-Man was released called Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ with better graphics and challenging gameplay.

To make the games more interesting, finer graphics and stronger sounds were needed so that the people would engage more in the games. Consequently, more complicated games came out in the 1980s. An increased number of programmers, developers, and people working with computers became interested in this field. Females also took part equally, as a result, girly characters were seen in the games.

Some video games were made by Namco just because Pac-man proved to be a success. These games include Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Rally X.

Some of the other versions along with their release years include:

Pac-In-Time (1995)

Pac-Man World (1999)

Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness (2000)

Pac-Man Adventures in Time (2000)

Ms. Pac-Man: Quest for the Golden Maze (2001)

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