What Makes the PlayStation 5 a Huge Improvement Over Previous Consoles 

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What makes the PlayStation 5 a huge improvement over previous consoles 

Sony Computer Entertainment created and marketed the PlayStation, a home video game device. It was released in Japan on December 3, 1994, in North America on September 9, 1995, in Europe on September 29, 1995, and in Australia on November 15, 1995.

The first console in the series was the first console to sell over 100 million copies in less than a decade. The original PlayStation was essential in shifting the industry away from 2D visuals. Its usage of the compact disc format also allowed it to push high-fidelity full-motion video, which the competitor N64 was unable to accomplish due to capacity constraints on its cartridges.

In terms of storage, the PlayStation lacked an internal hard drive. Instead, game saves had to get done on memory cards that were only 128KB incapacity.

The PlayStation 2, its sequel, launched in 2000. The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling home console, having sold over 155 million copies by 2012. You can learn more about that here.

The PlayStation 3, Sony’s next platform, was Introduced in 2006 and had sold over 87.4 million copies by March 2017. 

Sony’s next platform, the PlayStation 4, was introduced in 2013 and it sold over a million copies, making it the fastest-selling console. 

The PlayStation 5, the series’ most recent system, launched in 2020.

Why is Playstation 5 better than Playstation 4?

Should you choose a PS5 or a PS4 Pro? Is it always good to get the most recent release when buying new? What about if you already possess a PS4 Pro? 

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Is there a large enough difference between the two consoles to warrant an upgrade? There’s a lot to think about, and this guide will help you figure out what’s best for you.

The PS5 is Sony’s newest console, succeeding the PS4 Pro as the company’s most powerful gaming machine. It has a faster CPU, GPU, and an inbuilt NVMe SSD. In general, the PS5 is a quicker and more capable platform.

It also has Sony’s new DualSense controller, including additional features like haptic feedback and adjustable triggers to help you feel involved in games. one of the most surprising features of the playstation5 is that it does not produce weird sounds when turned ON.

It also doesn’t produce much heat. It’s a tremendous improvement over the PS4, which sounds like a jet engine every time it gets started or if you play a heavy game like  Fortnite battle. 

Games can also operate at a faster frame rate, and in certain circumstances, you can choose what to focus on.

In Miles Morales, for example, there are two visual options: “performance,” which prioritizes operating at a steady 60 frames per second, and “fidelity,” which employs techniques like ray tracing but reduces the frame rate to 30 frames per second.

Features of Playstation 5


On the PS5, games feature hubs. The hub for each game aggregates everything connected to that game. 

It’s an ever-changing environment that will change and adapt during the game’s lifespan.


Game developers may design PS5 games so that you can hop right into certain missions, modes, objectives, and more via the console’s Control Center.

Control Center

Access commonly used system functions, game material, and activities without leaving the game. To access the Control Center overlay, press the PS button while playing.

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Game Recommendations 

Discover your next adventure with suggestions based on the sorts of games you enjoy.


Take on unique in-game challenges in compatible PS5 titles, and then share your results with pals on PS5 to see if they can outperform you. If a buddy beats your high score or time, you will be alerted and will have the opportunity to beat them straight back.


Players may now provide positive feedback to other players to encourage or congratulate them on a well-played multiplayer match1. Your achievements will be reflected in your profile.

Cross Generation-Chat with PS4

Whether your pals are on PS4 or PS5, cross-generation voice chat means everyone can keep the discussion going with their PlayStationTMNetwork account. You can even speak with gamers on mobile devices with the PlayStation App.

Cross Generation Multiplayer

Players of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 could now play multiplayer games online. PS4 players can be asked to play with PS5 players in real-time and vice versa.

Universal Search

Spend more time playing and less time hunting for what you want to do with PS5’s ability to quickly locate games on PlayStation Store, movies on certain video streaming apps5, or other players.

Game Presets

Saved game configurations, such as inverted y-axis and subtitles, are available to players for all supported games.

Specs of Playstation 5.

  • It has an internal storage of 825GB SSD.
  • Consists of a Dualsense wireless controller. 
  • CPU 8-core AMD Zen 2.
  • GPU (AMD RDNA 2).
  • The disc drive( 4K blu-Ray in standard edition).


All the details mentioned above clarify how playstation5 is better than the previous consoles. 

It is crucial to search for any product before buying it, this way the process of choosing the best option gets easy. However, it might be a little bit hard for you to get your hands on a PS5 these days. 

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