Astro A10 Gen2: A Big Improvement?

by Aqsa Ejaz
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Astro Gaming made a name for itself by developing some of the greatest gaming headsets, such as their A10 gaming headset. What’s amazing about this product is that Astro Gaming collaborated with COD to make this limited edition model. Despite this, it’s an excellent and affordable headset filled with the core necessities that every gamer appreciates. Learn more about the Astro A10 Gen(1)

The Upgraded Version

The Astro A10 Gen 2 are wired gaming headphones that are the next edition of the Astro A10. They have a new design that is lighter and clamps less securely on your head than its antecedent. Their boom mic arm is shorter. It provides good performance but falls short of the first-generation model.

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The second-generation Astro A10 (Gen 2) headset is the successor to the original Astro A10 headset, with the same cheap price but a redesigned design.

The A10 Gen 2 feels and sounds better than the prior model while remaining at the same price of $59.99. Their sound profile is also more balanced and warm, which can assist in highlighting sound effects such as footsteps in your music. Because they lack low bass, the gameplay is short on thud and rumble. They also lack good modification options that allow you to tailor their sound to your preferences.

The Astro A10 Gen 2 is inappropriate for workplace use. These headphones aren’t intended for this function because they don’t have a casual appearance and fail to block out everyday workplace noises like background talking. However, if you don’t like their design or operate in a quiet environment, they feature a comfy and well-built design. If you need to make conference calls or attend virtual meetings, their boom mic provides adequate overall performance, ensuring that the voice transfer is clear. 

Sound Quality 

The Astro A10 Gen 2 has a good neutral tone. While they lack thud and rumble, they offer extra boom and warmth to balance the bass. Their mids are neutral, but their subtle treble distorts vocalists and lead instruments.

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The Astro A10 is a corded, analog gaming headset that works with every major game console (through the PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series controllers. it also works well with the Nintendo Switch in portable mode), PC or Mac, and any phone with a headphone socket. As a result, the A10 does not support simulated surround sound technology. However, the audio technology is incorporated into the PlayStation 5 and added to the PC and Xbox.

For less than £50, the audio quality provided by this headset is really good. It should suit anybody searching for a natural and balanced gaming experience. 

However, these are prone to inconsistency in audio output, so you must take the effort to establish a proper fit each time you use them. Having said that, they feature a decent passive soundstage for closed-back headphones. Sound appears to emanate from speakers positioned around you, which might assist you get immersed in your music.

Improved Design 

The Astro A10 Gen 2 has a reasonably simple and subtle design for a gaming tablet. There’s no RGB illumination or particularly eye-catching colors as on more costly headsets like the Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless or Razer Kaira X.I’m a strong lover of its weightlessness. With a weight of only 246g, I was able to use the headset for hours on end while gaming without it pressing down on my neck. The ear cups are cushioned and pleasant, and I had no problems wearing glasses, earrings, or both. 

The redesigned A10 (available in black, white, gray, lilac, and mint) retains an all-plastic frame, but it integrates various design elements from the A40 and A50 to enhance fit and appear sleeker than its predecessor. The headband is now wider, and the boom mic is shorter, which some users may appreciate because it doesn’t intrude as far. Read more for some related information. 

Physical Specifications

Length: 21.3cm

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Weight: 246grams

Height: 7.8cm

Width: 18.3cm

Headset Pressure: 4.5N

Depth: 7.7cm

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response: 20000 Hz

Connection: 3.5mm

Noise Control: None

DC Impedance: 32 ohms 

Drivers: 32 mm


The second-generation Astro Gaming A10 is an even better-feeling, better-sounding budget gaming headset than its predecessor, yet it’s not a penny more expensive. Buckle up for all-night gaming sessions with the A10’s ergonomic design, which has a closed back design, solid construction, and an ultra-durable, comfy headband that may outlive your old favorite headset.

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