The Return of Oldie OG “Crazy Taxi”

by Aqsa Ejaz
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Crazy Taxi is a thrilling ride. Hundreds of excited passengers wait for a ride on the street, all of whom are color-coded to say the distance to their destination. You earn more money the more moves you tie together and the faster you get them there. And you’ll need cash to be a world-class cab driver.

Crazy Taxi is the wildest taxi game ever, with a cult following made up primarily of Dreamcast alumni. Crazy Taxi was such a great game that we’re always wondering if there will be a sequel. It was the second most popular game on the platform, with crossovers to the PS2, Gamecube, and PSN and Live Arcade. 

Crazy Taxi has almost no depth. This is an old-school arcade game, the kind that requires quarters to play. Even if it looks ancient and run down and sounds like something from your father’s cellar, it may be fascinating.

Platforms: iOS, Windows, Android and DreamCast

Genre: Action and Racing Game.

Source: PC GAMER

Crazy Taxi wasn’t about driving fast, collecting up fares, and then rushing to their destination to earn a large sum of money. Crazy Taxi was defined in large part by its music. Pulling off Crazy Drifts and discovering new shortcuts were as memorable. It was vital as the mix of tunes from The Offspring and Bad Religion.


The gameplay is fast-paced. It gets the heart pumping when you’re racing against the clock to drop off a punter and pick up your next passenger.

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Kenji Kanno (the developer of the game) indicated his wish for a new series of Crazy Taxi games to release on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The kind of fast-paced showboating that consumers desire is allowing players to personalize their cabs before racing against each other and the clock for the highest score.

The iOS version is identical to the Dreamcast game. It has the same soundtrack, city layouts, mini-games, and passenger commentary.  Yet, it does have the same graphics, which are a touch blocky, especially on the retina display of the iPad 3, and there is a lot of popup due to the 3D engine’s short draw distance.

There are minor details given how enjoyable the game is to play. Finding bizarre shortcuts, such as driving through shopping malls or underwater, adds to your longevity. In a nutshell, it’s still a classic game.

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The majority of the dialogue in the game comes from people you meet on the street and those you pick up in your cab. Your driver, however, has a restricted vocabulary. The strangest taxi phrase has to be “Shut up and move your butt,” which BD Joe tends to yell at random intervals

What’s New?

According to the source, the Crazy Taxi ‘Super Game’ project has been in production for a year and could release in two or three years. Bloomberg spoke with anonymous insiders.

This would require the game’s ‘evolution.’ Kanno’s thoughts could be influenced by the fact that the game’s average score has decreased with each crossover since its Dreamcast debut, which received an average of 90 percent on Game Rankings.

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Crazy Taxi brands will be the first to symbolize SEGA’s new ‘Super Game’ strategy. This implies Sega Sammy wants to make free-to-play games that can establish communities across many platforms, hold in-game social events, and have a thriving microtransaction market.

A multiplayer mode would indeed be a nice addition as well. Crazy Taxi is distinguished by its entire appearance. The cars, as well as the numerous structures, all look fantastic. The game’s fast speed is what binds it all together. The frame rate is normally silky smooth, but it may occasionally stutter for no apparent reason, regardless of how many cars are onscreen or how far away you can see.

Why Remake an Old Game?

The value of nostalgia is one of the reasons SEGA wants to bring back existing brands rather than create new ones for this new endeavor. Crazy Taxi is nostalgic for reaching cult classic status.

It is being done because the game’s style is so evocative of its age that it appeals to a generation of gamers born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Sega could make product placement even more nostalgic by employing early 2000s replicas of everyone’s favorite name brand logos. Crazy Taxi is already primed for nostalgic cross-promotion, which is common in free-to-play games.


Despite the fact that Crazy Taxi is nearly two decades old, few developers have attempted to adequately replace it. Crazy Taxi is in a great position to make a big comeback as a free-to-play game, thanks to its fast-paced gameplay and explosive presentation, which makes it a crazy trip for everyone.

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