What is Apple Arcade and is it Worth it?

by Aqsa Ejaz
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Apple Arcade is a game subscription service that offers curated gaming content in the form of games. It means all are available to subscribers with no need for hunting through thousands’ worth.

Apple Arcade came into existence as Apple saw how people were getting lost when navigating app stores. There had been demand from players who wanted more variety within their playtime.

It can be something not always provided by single platform providers such as Google Play Store.

Thus, as it comes up with tons of exciting features so let us figure out, is it worth it?

Cost of Apple Arcade

In a world where it is easier than ever to sign up for several streaming services in one place, Apple One is an attractive option.

The company offers six different subscriptions with unlimited plans at once–including Apple Arcade!

Moreover, you can get your free yearlong trial by signing up through Verizon Wireless too. So, international customers should take note because they are getting some great deals coming soon.

In September 2019, Apple released its latest gaming subscription service: Apple Arcade. The first of its kind for iPhones and iPads to let players access thousands of games for a monthly fee. It is a selection of exclusive titles only available on this platform at $5 per month or an annual fee ($50).

Games available on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has been growing at a rapid pace, with more than 220 games added since its launch. Some popular titles on the service include NBA 2K21 arcade edition. Also Lego Star Wars battles with others. These are available through Apple’s website. A full list of all available apps for download from their site update so if you want to check it out go ahead! The number of video games available for download has never been higher than it is now. Many people are still looking to find the best ones. Apple Arcade comes with over 500k+ titles and 100s more added daily! You can also dive into specific genres like Action Games if those interest you as well. There is something here perfect no matter what your taste is certainly. Moreover, you can find solitaire, Mahjong Titan or fruit ninja classic in the Timeless category as well. It is also worth checking out apps like Solitaire. It will bring back great memories for you while playing this card game on your Mac devices. All without having to pay any money whatsoever (although there are premium upgrades available if desired).

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Besides, do not forget about other amazing games such as Monument Valley where players must use their imaginative skills.

Is Apple Arcade offering privacy protection?

Apple Arcade is a place where you can find tons of games. Thus, it is always best to check the individual game before downloading. There are screen time monitors for your device settings that allow customization. So, be sure not only set up things like limit hours per day on usage or date limits when playing online with friends. This also applies if those actions will apply for gaming sessions instead! To add a game to your Apple Arcade Limit, tap App Limits > Add Limit. From there just choose which games you want a time limit on and set their cut off times! When setting up the limits of each individual person will get notified 5 minutes before they are going over by accident.  Apple Arcade is here to keep your privacy safe and secure. When you download a game from the app store, it will show all its permissions before installing. It means that there are no surprises once they are active on-screen (or in this case behind closed doors). For example, Sneaky Sasquatch requires only minimal personal information. For instance, device type but does not share any identifying features like accounts or email addresses.

Apple Arcade has changed the paradigm of mobile games

The App Store is often a race to the bottom. Developers compete by offering free or low-cost apps. They make money through advertisements and in app purchases. Rather than charging full price like most games on PC’s would do, so gamers are treated poorly. The reason is they must pay for everything themselves without any support from their platform.

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In recent years before Apple Arcade’s release, many people felt this way when looking at gaming platforms. The reason is that of how much pressure there has been lately due to releases coming out all over their own. The freemium model became more popular than ever. Thus, it also eliminated some of the best and most creative games from indie studios. These titles did not have ads or in-app purchases, so ally charged $2-$5 for their products instead. But with this new dominance came a shame on mobile gaming as there were tons of beautifully designed mobile apps. That have strong gameplay. Those developers could not fit into the free game loop that is rampant in today’s marketplace. When Apple launched their gaming platform, Arcade was an attempt to change the environment for mobile games.

The company’s strategy has been about taking a cut from all these freemium micro-transactions.

It means that they generate gameplay time in exchange for letting developers release content on App Store with more ease. Apple has always been a company that bets on the long game. The same is about their approach to gaming. That is why they are betting big by taking an active role. Especially, in how games are developed and played across all platforms. Especially this magnificent game subscription service known as Apple Arcade. The gaming service platform is used on a variety of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets running iOS operating systems.

Final Words

Hence it is clear that Apple Arcade is worth it. Especially when it is about streaming your favorite games on one brilliant platform. We bet that you will not regret your decision of opting for such an enthralling game subscription service

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